Friday, 29 June 2012

... and you're probably bored of this by now.

So I got the Dragon in Quest of the Wordsmith!

(Spoilers ahead)

I set up a veritable barricade to hold the Dragon while I got in my Tank. There was a Wall (tastefully Inked blue), a Fort and a Castle. I also used a Hole and Tar in the hope that it would slow it down. I launched a couple of assaults and lost a few minions but discovered that the Wall was invulnerable to fire and so skulked behind that in my Tank, healing health when I needed to. Finally, Death and the Dragon took each other out.

I used the G from Dragon to make a pet Giant and then looked for something else to do. I took a Spaceship and flew up as far as I could and then used a Yeti to clear out all of the Spiders and Webs in the cave.

By now it was nearly night and I was wondering what to do. I decided to sit in one place and make as many peaceful things as I could so that there would be a nice town to see in the morning. I made a Priest, Bard, Farm, Farmer, Field, Baby, Wasp, Eagle, Oak, Elm, Knight, Sheep, Cow, Crow and Goat. Unfortunately I then made a Skeleton. This did not play well with others. Being undead it kept on coming back to trash my little utopia. Eventually all the animals and people I had made were dead while the Knight and resurrecting Skeleton were fighting a brutal, pitch-black battle over the buildings and fields that remained.

Lovely bit of emergent game-play really. You know what they say about good intentions leading to hell?

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